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Investment in real estate has always proven to be a lucrative option for NRIs. Today, having the security of a home in India has become more important than ever before.

A2A Homeland, backed by Raghuram Constructions welcomes you to invest in elite residential apartments in Hyderabad. Our most ambitious venture, A2A Homeland, is strategically situated in the heart of Balanagar, making it one of the best residential areas to invest in.


An NRI Guide to Buying a Property in Hyderabad.

As an NRI, You are permitted to buy the majority of real estate types in India. As long as the procedure complies with FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) guidelines 1, both residential and commercial properties are acceptable for NRI and PIO purchases.


Property Research

Shortlisting Properties
Choose a Property
Conduct Due Diligence

Requirements for Buying a Property

PAN card

PAN Card:

A PAN card is required to make any financial transactions in India, including buying real estate in Hyderabad.

NRE or NRO account

NRE or NRO Account:

An NRE (Non-Resident External) account is for income earned outside India and is fully repatriable,



The PIO card for travel is now replaced by the OCI card, offering lifelong visas and easing property transactions.

Power of Attorney

Assigning Power of Attorney (POA) to a trusted individual in India is crucial for NRIs while purchasing property. This enables the appointed person to sign documents and handle payments on behalf of the NRI investor, streamlining the transaction process.

However, despite granting a POA, it's essential to monitor the proceedings closely, as you may have limited control once it's delegated. Be cautious, particularly if the appointed person is not a close family member or trusted friend, as there's a risk of misuse of authority, leading to legal complications and potential financial losses.


Apartment Documentation & Registration Checklist

title deed
Title Deed

Legal proof of ownership, indicating the property belongs to the seller.

Sanctioned Building Plan
Sanctioned Building Plan

Official approval for the construction project, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Commencement Certificate
Commencement Certificate

Verification that construction has commenced according to approved plans and regulations.

Occupancy Certificate
Occupancy Certificate

Issued by local authorities, it confirms the property complies, allowing habitation.

Tax Paid Receipts
Tax Paid Receipts

Proof of property tax payments, ensuring the property has no outstanding dues.

Encumbrance Certificate
Encumbrance Certificate

Confirms the property is free from legal liabilities or mortgages, providing a clear title.

Khata/Mutation Documents
Khata/Mutation Documents

Official records with local authorities for property owner's tax identification.

Link Documents
Link Documents

Legally connects past and present ownership, ensuring a clear title history.

Tax Implications in India

Pay Stamp Duty & Registration Fees:

Payment of stamp duty and registration fees to the government is essential for property registration in your name.

Repatriate Funds:

  • Repatriate real estate investment funds using your NRE account.
  • Submit the necessary documents and comply with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) regulations.

Capital gains tax:

  • Selling a house in India owned for over two years results in capital gains tax on the profit.
  • The tax rate varies based on the property's short-term or long-term capital asset status.
  • NRIs face a 20% tax on long-term and a 30% tax on short-term capital gains.

TDS on property sale:

  • Property sale in India involves a 1% TDS deduction by the buyer.
  • NRIs can request a lower TDS rate (20%) for long-term asset sales.
  • Required documents submitted to Income Tax Department for reduced TDS rate.

Support for NRI’s

Expert Guidance in Every Step

Expert Guidance in Every Step:

A2A Homeland's CRM team provides personalized assistance for informed investment decisions.

Project Insights Unveiled

Project Insights Unveiled:

Stay connected with A2A Homeland for detailed project info, gaining clarity on investment prospects.

Banking Made Easy

Banking Made Easy:

Explore multiple banking options for loans with A2A Homeland, streamlining your financing choices.

Simplified Loan Procedures

Simplified Loan Procedures:

Navigate the bank loan process effortlessly, backed by A2A Homeland's support in managing documentation and formalities.

Effortless Processing

Effortless Processing:

Experience a hassle-free loan processing experience with the aid of A2A Homeland's expert assistance.

Seamless Registration Support

Seamless Registration Support:

Receive comprehensive guidance on the registration process, ensuring you smoothly complete all essential steps.

Paperwork Made Painless

Paperwork Made Painless:

A2A Homeland is here to assist you with paperwork and documentation, easing your administrative workload.

Transparency at the Core

Transparency at the Core:

Rest assured of transparent transactions as A2A Homeland prioritizes honesty and openness in all dealings.

Remote Registration Made Possible

Remote Registration Made Possible

Even from afar, A2A Homeland ensures you have remote assistance for a smooth registration process

With a customer-centric approach at its core, A2A Homeland’s CRM team takes pride in going the extra mile to support and empower every step of your investment journey. From legal clearance to transparent transactions, A2A Homeland stands by your side with the right assistance, ensuring trust and reliability.

Your Homeland, Your Investment, Your Dream Home!

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