Buying or Renting a house, which is better?

Buying or Renting a house, which is better?

While most Indians aspire to own a home, skyrocketing property costs, notably in metropolitan areas, have caused individuals to prefer to rent rather than buy. Most of the people who can afford to purchase a home prefer home ownership over renting, with the latter serving as a middle ground. The decision in making a better choice between buying and renting has always been challenging as it not only affects our lifestyle but financial stability as well.

Advantages Of Buying

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  • Intangible pleasures of home ownership include a sense of stability & security, belonging to a community, and satisfaction in one’s own. However, it is not recommended for those who are nomadic or transient.
  • Rent is a monthly payment that doesn’t result in the creation of any assets. However, making EMI payments has two advantages; in addition to providing shelter for a month, they also raise the homeowner’s share of the property.
  • Renting usually entails us to relocate, that consumes a considerable amount of money, and effort. However, owning a home provides substantial reliability. 
  • Investing in real estate is a secure option that is supported by a safe investment and offers the potential for capital growth and tax advantages.

Advantages of Renting

  • Renting relieves people of the financial burden of EMI payments, property taxes, and other legal concerns that come along with home ownership.
  • Renting closer to one’s place of employment or a good school reduces the stress of commuting at least for a few members of the family.
  • Renting a home makes it easier to relocate because it is by definition a temporary agreement. Therefore, if you need to transfer, it will be simple for you to leave your current home and find a new one in your new location.

In summary

Renting can be a better option if you are at the early stages of your career where change is constant. 

But, if you are at a point where your life and your money are steady, then you can consider investing in a residential apartment. Make sure to take all prices into account and select a property that satisfies all of your additional wants. After all, what is sought is not simply the house but also the serenity it offers.

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