The 7 Chakras Concept

The design concept for the landscape master plan is inspired by the yogic principles of the 7 -Chakras or energy centers within the body. With a focus on improving the physical and emotional health of the community's residents, the concept places the emphasis on the “home” being central to the theme as the name of the development is “A2A HOMELAND”.

Chakras are a source of sophisticated and ancient energy systems focused on controlling the subtle energy that passes through one's body. According to yogic philosophy, chakras (pronounced “chuhk -ruhs”) refer to centralized locations where subtle energy channels, known as nadis, converge.

The design treats the central landscape space as the human body and identifies the SEVEN chakras along a single straight yogic axis that serves as the landscape’s fundamental element. Primarily a blue-green concept, every chakra point along the axis is identified by a water fountain which is unique in each of the seven zones. Connected by ribbons of walkways, green-blue elements like Lotus ponds, large lawns, and special gardens for herbs and butterflies are also placed in the various chakra zones. Hardscape elements such as yoga decks, pavilions, and play areas are then layered onto the space to give true homage to the chakra and its significance to human well-being. The placement of all elements is based on the symbolic meaning of the chakra and its pertinence to health and well-being.

This design inspires a person to connect with their own wellness and self, allowing an individual easier access to the varied aspects of their own physical and mental well-being through an exploration of sensory landscape design.








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