One Step Towards Growth

<strong>One Step Towards Growth</strong>

In an increasingly distracted world, we long to have a deep sense and knowledge of who we are. Today, modern physics has enough evidence that every particle throughout your body is in constant communication with everything in the universe. One of the ways to connect deeper with yourself is Yoga. 

Yoga literally translates to “union. Thus means to experience the union of existence. Yoga doesn’t quite entail you to twist and turn your body or hold your breath. It is a framework and a technology aiming to bring you to the point where you see truth precisely as it is.

To bring you closer to your spiritual essence, we, at A2A Homeland, have designed the landscape and garden based on the 7 Chakras in the human body that are linked to the spiritual aspects of life. These 7 chakras are known to balance the energy that centers the human body. By aligning these 7 chakras through yoga and meditation and other methods, the human body is said to be balanced.

 These chakras are significant to the attributes of life and are indicated by VIBGYOR.

  1. Sahasrara : Spirituality/Tranquility
  2. Ajna : Awareness & Enlightenment
  3. Vishuddha : Connection
  4. Anahata : Love & Healing
  5. Manipura : Wisdom
  6. Svadhisthana : Creativity & Well-Being
  7. Muladhara : Health & Activity
a2a homeland 7 chakras

The magnificent garden built to bring you closer to nature, and to help you take a step towards a better tomorrow. Each Chakra is depicted by a water body at each zone. 

  • The Sahasrara Zone encompasses a Balancing Stone Fountain with a beautiful Lotus Pond surrounded by strip green. Large spacious area with seating is also provided. 
  • The Ajna Zone includes a Buddha Fountain symbolizing awareness with a lily pond creating perfect ambience. This zone also includes a Yoga Deck and a Zen Garden Walk Area.
  • The Vishuddha Zone resembles connection and accommodates a Bird Bath and a Splash Area along with a carefully crafted Acupuncture Pathway. 
  • The Anahata Zone mirrors love and affection and hence the Dancing Dolphins Fountain with a Picnic Lawn. To make the best of this beauty, there’s a raised seating area for your indulgence. 
  • The Manipura Zone holds a Spouting Fountain, a Butterfly Garden and a Picnic Lawn along with a connecting East Plaza. 
  • The Svadhisthana Zone is complete with a Rock Waterfall and a Herb Garden along with a connecting West Plaza.
  • The Muladhara Zone parallels Health and Activity and so, the Caste Stone Fountain along with a strip green area. This zone includes an Activity Zone, Badminton Court and a Skating Park. 

A2A Homeland provides you with enticing views and spacious open spaces to explore and unwind, giving you the perfect home you’ve always wanted. This luxury development gives you the privilege of being close to nature while being in the center of the city. Phase 1 occupies 12 acres and phase 2 occupies 8 acres. Balanagar’s A2A Homeland, developed by the Raghuram Group, is the newest hotspot in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, here is your chance to own a premium 3 BHK flat measuring 1700 to 2260 Sq.Ft  in a Gated Community. Providing 35+ amenities, 2 enormous Clubhouses 90,000+ Sq.Ft for your sheer indulgence. 

Live a life of serenity and refinement with A2A Homeland, built to make your dream come true. Your Home. Your Identity. Your Homeland.